Woodsy and Intimate Asheville Wedding

These two! Their love is so potent and rich. The way he holds her melts my heart.
They planned a beautiful wedding on the property where they had spent the last year growing food, raising chickens, and living off the land! Their families came from all over the country to celebrate with them. It was so beautiful to arrive early and see everyone pitching in to create this special day. They wild-harvested mushrooms from the forest for table decorations, Alyssa’s sister made the pies for dessert, friends picked flowers to drop along the aisle, and the list goes on. Wil spent the weeks before the wedding clearing the path into the woods where they would hold the ceremony. They chose a perfectly clear grove of trees. The light illuminated this area during their ceremony and it.was.magic! I could type for a long time about how special it was to see their friends and family come together in this most enchanting way and how special the love Wil and Alyssa share is.

One of the first songs played during the dancing hour was Bam Bam by Sister Nancy, which just so happens to be one of my two-year-olds favorite songs and it that moment I gave thanks for being continually guided to these couples with whom I know I am meant to document their love. This wedding was also they day after my 30th birthday and we were all warmed by the bright August sun, my favorite light to ever touch my skin! I love the summer months and no amount of heat would ever keep me from photographing or exploring under the summer sun.

Enjoy peeking into this beautiful day.