Hawksbill Mountain Foggy Engagement Session

Erik and Corey were visiting Western North Carolina in early March and contacted me about doing an engagement session in the mountains! They expressed they were happy with whatever weather situation nature decided to give them, as the forecast was calling for freezing rain and frigid temps! I’m happy to adventure and shoot in (almost) any conditions so the possibility of a snowy session delighted me!
They day arrived and indeed it was freezing cold, foggy, and pouring freezing rain! Dressed in hiking gear we hiked the 40~ minute trail to the top of Hawksbill Mountain which overlooks Linville Gorge. The views from the top are spectacular and the hike is well worth the reward! Corey had a lovely dress she hoped to wear during her session and she definitely did not let the freezing weather stop her! We shot on the cliffs for the minimal amount of time but it turned out truly fantastic! My jacket, hood, and camera bag were all covered in a solid layer of ice when I made it back to my car! Hooray for weatherproof gear! It was slippery and really damn cold at the top of the mountain but sometimes that is life, right? I really loved what I brought away from this session adventure-wise. I am enriched in many ways from the time I spend with each couple and this was a special one! Enjoy it!