Blue Ridge Mountain Engagement Session

There are so many things I want to say about this incredible Blue Ridge Mountain engagement session near Boone and Asheville, North Carolina. We hiked this incredible mountaintop and were greeted with the most beautiful golden light as the sun was making her way into the horizon. We laughed and explored as Kristen and Eddie told me stories of their early years as a couple, what inspires them, and what their hopes and dreams look like. They perched on the edge and played the most lovely melody with their instruments that Eddie had carried along. We thoroughly soaked this evening in. We left the mountaintop as the light was completely gone and their sweet dog, Bowzer, acted as our guide. He’s now since crossed the rainbow bridge and I’m just darn happy he was along for this adventure.

Kristen, Eddie, this adventure, and the conversations we shared made such a big impact on me. Cheers to all the good things in life and going for them!