Lunar Eclipse

Last year Jeremy and I set sail and traveled west, across the country to spend a season in California. We embarked on our journey one Saturday night in October, after my last wedding of the year. It was late and I was very tired and three months pregnant with our first child, our son Everest. I climbed into the back of our SUV and slept as Jeremy drove through the winding mountains that would take us out of North Carolina across the vast expanse and eventually to our destination. We spent several days enjoying the beautiful land and taking in middle America. I photographed anything I could and have lovely photos to share with you here soon.

When we arrived to the town we were heading for in California, we got out of the car on the side of the road at 3am to breathe and check out the sky and this was happening, an almost full lunar eclipse. What an omen. I’ve always loved Autumn in California.